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David Perez's Personal Blog

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Husband, Father, Military Leader
I seek to share some thoughts about topics of interest and engage in a dialogue to continue to learn and grow so I can live and help others live a more purposeful life.
Proven leadership in diverse and dynamic environments. Twenty six years of military experience in highly technical fields, such as Signals Intelligence, Electronic and Cyber Warfare at tactical, operational and National levels.

Graduate education in Human Relations, National Security, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. A native Spanish speaker, fluent in Italian and formally trained in Arabic language and related dialects. Ten years of overseas experience in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.  

A proud Husband, Father, Leader and Coach. His teams have helped him earn many awards.

Key interest:
  • Leading Teams
  • Inspiring Others
  • Creating Memories
  • Learning
  • Fitness
  • Coaching
My journey has been full of sharp curves, steep hills, and some unexpected bumps along the way. However, fortunately the road that I was first placed on and path that I have blazed for myself have had special people that helped shape my journey. This journey is dynamic, adventurous, challenging, and amazing.   

This journey has been spent quite literally nomadic, moving at least ten times by the age of 12, and joining the Navy at 17 to travel the world while serving in the US Navy serving my country.

A few traumatic events scarred my life, such as losing my father at the tender age of 12 when he was gunned down at the prime of his life. Two failed marriages caused the usual negative consequences families face involving divorce, especially when children are involved. A few bad indiscretions led to disciplinary action against me by military officials. And finally, I too almost lost my life when I was riddled by bullets as shots were fired upon us by gang members while I celebrated with old friends.

That said, I have been truly blessed by God who gave me life and extended it a little longer so I can complete my mission; role model parents who shaped my core; the most supportive and loving wife, children and now grandchildren who ignite my fire; and the Sailors I have served with for 26 years, inspiring, motivating and allowing me to lead in the world’s most impressive organization, the United States Navy. They have been my strength, anchor, and fire that have allowed me to grow as a Father, Leader and Friend that I have become today.